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Cornelius Corkery Trio

Cornelius corkery trio is built of some of the most prominant members of the british gypsy jazz scene. Cornelius has performed across europe at ronnie scott's jazz club, cork jazz festival and sunset sunside paris.

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Cornelius is an ubiquitous presence on the UK Gypsy Jazz Scene. He presents the popular "Gypsy Jazz Hang-outs" podcast and has performed with a diverse roster of top names, from violinist Daniel John Martin to saxophonist Alan Barnes.


A virtuosic player and talented raconteur, Cornelius is rapidly becoming known as one of the rising stars of the British Gypsy Jazz circuit. The trio, featuring bassist Joe Downard and rhythm guitarist Andrea Vergani, play a number of Cornelius' authentic compositions as well as some Django Reinhardt and modern Gypsy Jazz standards.

Cornelius Corkery Trio's most recent album 'Stop Motion Music' was released on Future Fable Records in October 2021. Cornelius has headlined a number of hugely prestigious venues across Europe including Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club, Cork Jazz Festival and Sunside Sunset Paris.

Gypsy Jazz Guitarist
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