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​The forefront of this wonderful genre - Laboratorium MF (Poland)

Dazzled us with his virtuosity...[Tobie] truly is an inspiration - London Jazz News

Their immersive world presents an undeniably fresh perspective - Jazz Guitar Today (USA)

A Fine Violinist - Jazzwise


'Alice in Wonderland' Live from Vortex Jazz Club

The Aviary are the band of violinist Tobie Medland. Tobie has been widely credited as one of the foremost young British improvising violinists.  Their genre-defying approach is distinctly modern, drawing on contemporary jazz, impressionist classical and free improvisation.

An accomplished violinist, producer and composer, Tobie has seen multiple Jazz-FM interviews and features, and contributed as writer to 'Jazz Journal' and 'Syncopated Times'. He has been interviewed in a range of international Jazz press including 'London Jazz News', 'JazzViews' and the 'Harmonious World' Podcast.​ Tobie's blossoming performance career has led to concerts with some of the most famous members of the international scene, including Stochelo Rosenberg, Fapy Lafertin, Paulus Schafer and Mozes Rosenberg.

The Aviary have released two albums, the second of which expanded to a nonet featuring leading British jazz musicians Sam Leak on piano, Tom Smith on clarinet, and a string section of Kit Massey, Helen Sanders-Hewitt and Shirley Smart. Both of these recordings have presented Tobie's compositions, which were lauded by ​popular blog 'Jazz Lives':

"You’ll notice that I haven’t compared Medland’s compositions to any familiar landmarks, nor attempted to describe it. To do so would do the textures and colors of this music an injustice. All I can say is “Listen!"

The Aviary are a rare voice in the UK. Queer-led, Drumless arrangements, driving rhythms, soaring melodies and atonal soundscapes support virtuosic but tasteful group improvisation and characterful performances. Ever future facing, the quartet offer a fresh, distinctive, dark and unmistakably modern sound.  

A recent concert at LSO St. Luke's, London

An original composition, 'Murmuration'