The Aviary

Modern Jazz, Free Improvisation and Contemporary Classical collide in the innovative new album by 'The Aviary'.

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Due for Release 02/09/2022



As the half-light falls upon a secluded forest glade the spirits of the night emerge. Apparitions is a set of compositions and interpretations depicting a single night in the forest - from twilight, to the melancholic whispers of dawn. An ambitious debut recording from The Aviary, Apparitions weaves together strands of free improvisation, contemporary classical, modern jazz and an unmistakable nod to European jazz pioneer Django Reinhardt.

The Aviary features four prolific young musicians from across the UK. Manchester based Bim Williams combines masterful accompaniment with tasteful, lyrical Solos on Electric Guitar. Sol Grimshaw, from the Isle of White, provides a truly distinctive style of attentive rhythm guitar. Marcus Penrose's elegant, incorruptible Double Bass provides an inspiring bed over which the soloists can thrive. They play the compositions of refined violinist Tobie Medland.

Having been heard on BBC1 and Jazz FM, European stages like that of the Mostar Gipsy Festival and Jazzbina Sarajevo, and across the UK at leading venues like Ronnie Scott's, Leeds Town Hall, Birmingham Symphony Hall, Vortex Jazz Club and Matt and Phreds, Tobie is rapidly establishing their unique voice on the UK jazz circuit. Exciting sold out concerts from 2022 have included with Antoine Boyer at Vortex jazz club and as part of Mozes Rosenberg’s quartet at Crazy Coq’s Soho. Tobie’s trio “Skylark Trio” continue to host the ever popular “Sunday Jazz at Signature Brew” series.


The Aviary are a rare voice in the UK. Queer-led, Drumless arrangements, driving rhythms, soaring melodies and atonal soundscapes support virtuosic but tasteful group improvisation and characterful performances. Ever future facing, the quartet offer a fresh, distinctive, dark and unmistakably modern sound.