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'The Aviary'

The forefront of this wonderful genre - Laboratorium MF

Their immersive world presents an undeniably fresh perspective - Jazz Guitar Today

You’ll notice that I haven’t compared Medland’s compositions to any familiar landmarks, nor attempted to describe it. To do so would do the textures and colors of this music an injustice.

All I can say is “Listen!" - Jazz Lives

Swings like a mother - Marlbank

What amazes and fascinates here is the way [Tobie] Perceives and composes. A great album worth listening to -

Gypsy Jazz is often associated with the past and archaism. However, The Aviary, led by the talented violinist Tobie Medland, proves that this genre can be modern and fresh - Laboratorium MF

The listener enters THE AVIARY, which is lovely but unfamiliar, full of melodic and harmonic textures even when the rhythm isn’t clearly defined (the very antithesis of some contemporary “gypsy jazz”) - Jazz Lives

hugely talented Violinist and Arranger - Ronnie Scott's Radio Show, Jazz FM

Originally founded as a quartet, violinist Tobie Medland’s ‘The Aviary’ grew to include several heavyweights of British Jazz following the success of their debut record ‘Apparitions’. Featuring Sam Leak on piano, Tom Smith on clarinet, and a string section of Kit Massey, Helen Sanders-Hewett and Shirley Smart, the ensemble’s new sound is rich, complex, and full of twists and turns.

‘The Aviary’ aims to transport the listener to a world overrun by fantastical species of birds. As well as representing the personalities and individual tales of these strange avians, it is also an exploration of the mystery of finding oneself in this world.


The Aviary

Apparitions - out now!

Modern Jazz, Free Improvisation and Contemporary Classical collide in the innovative new album by 'The Aviary'.

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The Aviary

The Aviary

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