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Giant Folk

South London-based group Giant Folk subtly weaves folk-inspired lyrics and sensibility with the complex harmony and rhythmic devices of modern jazz.

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Earth is a mini EP comprising of two songs, one composition and one folk song. The composition was brought to being after Rowan spent an afternoon listening to Swedish fiddler Lena Villemark and vocalist Susanne Rosenberg who have both have been strong influences in the vocalist’s writing. After experimenting with copying some vocal phrases, Rowan weaved into writing her own haunting melodies, which would later become the ‘Earth’ Intro. The song’s structure was later fleshed out with the group, adding specific ideas which return at various points throughout the song although the song is never played the same and is strongly improvised. ‘Flower & The Thorn is the second song in the EP. Giant Folk Bassist, Jack Lecomber and Rowan spent some time exploring and playing with the harmony underneath this enchanting vocal line and wrote their own chords for the traditional Welsh folk song. The songs were recorded with friend and audio engineer Tim Petherick in Bath, Somerset and are an expression of hurt and growth. With vocal percussion, strong basslines and lots of dissonances, the instruments almost cry out of the lines of improvisation.

Giant folk

South London based Giant Folk’s new single ‘Fish Out of Water’ subtly weaves folk-inspired lyrics and sensibility with the complex harmony and rhythmic devices of modern jazz. The single features Trinity Label Conservatoire jazz alumni: Rowan Flack (Vocals), Sylvan Biscoe (Sax), Jack Lecomber (Bass) and Tara Cunningham (Guitar).

Giant folk originated with Flack, Cunningham and Lecomber and now draws from a pool of well-respected musicians from the London and Bath scenes. This includes Sol Grimshaw (Guitar), Sylvan Biscoe (Sax) and George Garford (sax). Within the group there is notable worldwide experience working amongst the music scenes of China, South Korea, Hong Kong and Norway, all whilst being regular musicians on the South London Jazz circuit.

‘Fish Out of Water’ is the groups second release following the success of EP ‘River Run' (March 2021) and spotlights Sylvan Biscoe’s crystalline tone  and Flack’s elegant yet raw vocals, which evoke a sense of longing and nostalgia.

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