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A collective of Manchester's finest come together to create a storming, unique trio - full of class, humour and impressive musicianship. NONUNONU are an innovative nu-jazz outfit who incorporate hiphop and modern jazz into complex, tightly-arranged compositions.


nonunonu's next album is out 9th august. Listen to the first single here:

Jazz Album Cover


Right+Wrung is a live album, recorded at venues across NONUNONU's collosal cross-UK tour in 2023. It is a selection of 10 band originals, as well as some Alan Holdsworth and Herbie Hancock!

The album shows the breadth of influences the band has - and proves that NONUNONU are some of the most skilled young musicians working in the UK. Thanks to endless nights of playing infront of loving audiences at some of the UK's most iconic venues, the album also represents the band at their technical best.

Listen, below!


OUT NOW!!!  Laundry day ep

A trio made up of the vanguard of Manchester's booming jazz scene, NONUNONU have been making waves across the North of England with performances at leading festivals and venues. Now, in line with the release of their exciting new EP "Laundry Day", they have just returned from a large scale tour which took them to top jazz club's across the UK!

Out of Our Hands features masterful orator Marco Woolf and highlights NONUNONU's laid back, sophisticated and darkly inventive sensibilities.


Laundry Day EP evokes old-school hip-hop, modern jazz, and the great jazz guitar trio's both current and of old.

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