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Swing Train 42

possibly the busiest gypsy jazz band in london, swing train 42 offer a selection of django reinhardt classics in their cheerful, sophisticated style.

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Swing Train 42

Swing Train 42 are a hugely prolific Gypsy Swing band working across London and the South East. With the eccentric instrumentation of Mandolin, Guitar and Double Bass, they cover Django Reinhardt tunes and jazz standards.

Swing Train 42 were initially formed in 2016 as a duo, but quickly developed into a trio in order to articulate the sound of the Hot Club de France at its best. They often, when needed, bring in additional members like singers, violinists and additional guitarists.

The trio are recognized by their cheerful, sophisticated style. Always dressed their best, they have been seen performing at a huge number of prestigious events like the Eurostar 25th Anniversary celebration. They have also held residency's at numerous venues across London, including Plaquemine Lock, Clissold Park Tavern, Clapton Country Club, Frizzante and Mercato Metropolitano.

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